People Can See Through the Fluff

An email just landed in my inbox that fueled this rant. It was a partner promotional email for someone who is doing a new program launch. That’s fine, I get value from many affiliate promos from people I follow. My issue is with the way this partner framed the urgency piece to get me to sign up for the remaining webinar.

I’m guessing this launch is PLF style, which means that there are 3 videos that provide content, know like and trust, and finally more story, content and then the offer. This partner did not come on board late, I know because she’s been promoting his lead magnets for this funnel over about 10 days. But she used this approach to make it seem urgent:

“Now, I have to admit something… I’d planned to get you into one of XXXX’s earlier webinars, but the first 2 webinars booked up so fast that there weren’t spaces left for you. Bummer.
PLEASE don’t miss out on signing up. It’s 100% free. But once they fill up, they’re truly gone. I learned the hard way.:( ”

First of all, how would she know they filled up while she was “planning” to write? Second, did she really want to be on this partner’s webinar but not remember to sign up? Then to add to my pissiness about this, I clicked through to see what was going on at the webinar page and find that I can choose one of four convenient times for this “live” webinar, which can only host so many people, “once they fill up they’re truly gone.” REALLY?? I think not.

You can build a strong relationship with your reader by showing them that you trust them enough to be able to handle the truth. In turn, they will do the same thing for you. Trust and confidence are critical ingredients for a successful working relationship between you and your client.

Marketers need to speak honestly about their products and services today. It’s too easy to expose fraudulent claims or unmask bad products. You simply can’t fool consumers anymore. So now you not only have to build a better product or have a better service; you also have to prove it’s better
There is an ongoing debate about whether it’s honest to say a webinar is live when it’s prerecorded – I say nay – but also, who falls for this? Tell me it’s a recording, I’m good with that. Tell me there is a limited number of seats and I call BS.

The moral of the story for this marketer is: tell the truth and find a way to appeal to the people you serve so they feel moved to join you.

Gregory Anne Cox is a free spirited entrepreneur who offers marketing in a fashion without using tired and boring content but a new fresh approach getting away from “Squishy Language” From becoming a freelance writer in NYC, to opening her own restaurant in San Diego, she is also a world renown author. Her most recent publications are “Everything is Food Journal” & “Your Genes Do Not Determine The Size of Your Jeans”. Gregory now specializes in Online copy assessment, Done-For-You and Speaker and Engagement Services.

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